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PowerCivil InRoads, Solução para Projeto de Vias, Acessos e Sites

Pré-requisitos Técnicos

MicroStation V8i (Version 08.11.05), AutoCAD 2008, or AutoCAD 2009

Intel Pentium-based or AMD AthlonTM-based PC or workstation

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows XP Professional (SP2 or higher), Windows XP Professional x64, Microsoft Windows Vista, or Windows Vista x64

1GB (More memory typically results in better performance.)

Disk Space:
1GB minimum free disk space (which includes the 400MB install footprint for a complete installation)

Input Device(s):
Mouse or digitizing tablet (digitizing tablet requires vendor-supplied WINTAB driver or Bentley’s Digitizer Tablet Interface -- the latter is included with the MicroStation installation)